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 Avery’s Manhandle

The sandwich that separates the men from the boys: real Texas beef brisket and zesty hot sausage, sliced thin, piled high, and crowned with sweet spicy sauce. 7.99

Texas Brisket 

Texas beef brisket piled high with hand-trimmed, hickory-smoked    4.00

Barbeque Chicken 

 Hand-pulled chicken, tossed in BBQ sauce. 4.00

 Avery’s Pulled Pork 

Slow cook pork butt with Avery’s secret seasoning cook to perfection hand- pulled pork the real “thang”: Hickory-smoked and slathered with Avery’s  BBQ sauce and Cole slaw. 4.75

 Avery’s Sausage 

From the Hot Spicy Sausage to Mild Tasting Sausage.   3.50/4.50

 Avery’s Country Homemade Link

All beef sausage with a touch of garlic, Avery’s special season. Slow cook on wood burned fire. 5.00

 Avery’s Ribs 

St. Louis Rib (3) bones on bread and Avery’s Famous Sauce.     6.00


 Avery’s Stuffed Potato

Loaded baked potato topped with choice of Texas beef brisket, Pulled  pork, chicken or sausage 7.50

Double the Stuffed Potato

Loaded baked potato topped with two meats, butter, cheese, sour cream, sauce and chives.      9.50

 Fried Catfish Plates

Catfish seasoned  with Cajun season  served with French fries and a another side. 9.99

    Fried Pork Chop Plates

Center cut Pork Chop season with a little Cajun seasoning dusted in our seasoned flour served with fries and another side. 7.95

          Avery’s Kid Meal

     Kids love BBQ too

One meat and southern side with a juice. 4.49   

Southern Sides

Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Pinto Beans


Cole Slaw

Macaroni and Cheese


Sweet Potato Yams

Green Beans

French Fries


     Sweet Potato Pie

Peach Cobbler

 Banana Pudding






 Italian Cream


Avery’s Classic Bar-B-Que

Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Pork Steak and Pulled pork hand rubbed with Avery’s secret  blend seasoning and pit smoked for 2-6 hours over a smoldering fire. Then they’re brush with our sweet & Sassy BBQ sauce, with a touch of crispiness.


All plates include a generous serving of meat, two side dishes, bread, our world famous BBQ sauce and a trip to the condiment bar.

*Homemade Links counts as two meats

Beef Plate  8.50

Sausage Plate  8.50

Country Homemade Link Plate 9.25

Chicken Plate  7.50

Pulled Pork Plate 7.50

Famous Rib Plate 10.50

Two Meat Combo* 9.50

Three Meat Combo* 11.00


Family Value Meal

  FVM #1   

1 lb of barbecue, 3 pints of veggies and 


 FVM #2

1 ½ lb. barbecue with 3 quarts of veggies


              FVM #3 

Avery’s Chop Beef Lover 2 lb beef chopped/ Slice with 3 pints of veggie 


FVM #4

 Chicken Leg Quarters (8 piece) and 3 pints of Veggies


 Need a bit more?

    Avery’s BBQ Feast
A full slab of St. Louis-style spareribs, eight piece chicken, 1/2 lb. of either Texas beef brisket or pulled pork, coleslaw, Famous Fries, Bake Beans, bread. 
Avery’s for Three

½ Slab of St. Louis Ribs, 4 Pieces of Chicken, and 1/2 lb of your choice of brisket, pulled pork, or sausage.  All the flavors, but half the size.


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